Accelerate Health Equity: 2023 Annual Report

Posted on: October 17, 2023

Accelerate Health Equity (AHE) launched in March 2022 with organizations across the Philadelphia region coming together to form a multi-year initiative aimed at combating systemic racism and barriers to health equity. AHE is designed to produce tangible improvement in these issues and, ultimately, positive changes in health outcomes for Philadelphians.

Much of Philadelphia’s health research functions in silos, and AHE has taken a leading role in building bridges across institutions. AHE runs pilot programs and initiatives which will then be scaled throughout the city to achieve maximum impact, with the collaboration of corporate social responsibility partnerships, foundations, and other partners. To aid in this goal, AHE has set up a first-of-its-kind Steering Committee made up of healthcare leaders in Philadelphia who are committed to making significant contributions to improving health outcomes for Philadelphians.

A year since our launch, we are excited to share our inaugural annual report on the progress we have made alongside our AHE partners and collaborators. In this report, you’ll learn about our multiple city-wide projects, first series of grant recipients, and pilot programs and initiatives, many of which are housed within individual AHE member institutions. While city-wide outcomes will take years of innovative research and action to improve, AHE is proud to begin forging that path by delivering impact at a smaller scale — to individuals, within pilots, and between partnerships — and driving change through sustainability, scaling, and systems-level impact.

Together, as a collective, we will use our work to advance health equity, encourage cross-institutional information sharing, and ultimately achieve city-wide improvements for the health outcomes of Philadelphians. Research dissemination is a pillar of AHE and our results from individual projects and partnerships are reported on a rolling basis through our website and social media. It’s crucial that we share our progress, and that’s why we are thrilled to present our inaugural annual report to our partners, peers, and our city.

Please see our 2023 Annual Report here.

AHE 2023 Annual Report