AHE Gun Violence Prevention Grants Program: Penn Medicine

topic area

Community Violence


Penn Medicine


Every year, hundreds of gun deaths in the United States are determined to be accidental or preventable, with many of them being children. In an effort to address this, Penn Medicine is developing Emergency Department-based interventions to promote safe firearm storage. Through this work, the team will conduct qualitative interviews with Penn Medicine security officers, launch a data collection pilot to understand storage device behavior, and conduct a feasibility pilot to understand the acceptance rate of lockboxes. 

project leads

M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS

Elinore Kaufman, MD, MSHP

funding source

Accelerate Health Equity


As of January 2024, the Penn Medicine team has concluded the qualitative arm of their study and is currently finalizing pilot designs for their data collection and lockbox distribution feasibility pilots, both expected to launch by May.

(One-year grant in progress. Anticipated end date: Fall 2024)