AHE Gun Violence Prevention Grants Program: CHOP

topic area

Community Violence


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)


Since 2020, over 20% of CHOP’s Violence Intervention Program (VIP) clients have entered the program due to firearm injuries, a substantial increase from prior years. Programs like this one — known as HVIPs — are embedded within healthcare institutions and provide individual, community-focused case management to support recovery. However, there is a pressing need to understand how socioecological factors influence injury risk and recovery and to enable evidence-informed service delivery and advocacy.

This research project aims to identify data reflecting neighborhood-level resources and examine their association with pediatric violent injury and recovery among young people and families who receive care from the CHOP VIP. A greater understanding of the relationship between neighborhood characteristics and resources and recovery after violence may help guide HVIP services and allow programs to anticipate client needs to tailor post-injury care based on neighborhood resources, which may in turn increase client engagement, acceptability, and satisfaction. 

project leads

Rachel K. Myers, PhD, MS

funding source

Accelerate Health Equity


One-year grant in progress. Anticipated end date: Fall 2024