AHE Gun Violence Prevention Grants Program: Jefferson Health

topic area

Community Violence


Jefferson Health


Gun locks are an inexpensive and effective method of improving firearm storage safety to reduce injury — however, there is little evidence about the use of safe storage after gun lock distribution among urban populations. Utilizing a mobile screening van, the Jefferson Health team will develop, implement, and evaluate a safe gun storage initiative in which gun locks and safe gun ownership educational materials are distributed to communities in the Greater Philadelphia region upon completion of a prostate screening. The goal of this research project is to understand if a mobile cancer screening van is an effective method of distributing firearm-safe storage devices. 

project leads

Stanton Miller, MD, MPH

Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH

funding source

Accelerate Health Equity


The Jefferson team has formalized their partnership with the Mobile Van Screening program and worked with Jefferson College of Population Health to develop the initial script and logic model. They are currently finalizing their intake process, recruiting student volunteers, acquiring gun locks to prepare for distribution, and finalizing the IRB approval. 

(One-year grant in progress. Anticipated end date: Fall 2024)