AHE Gun Violence Prevention Grants Program: Temple Health

topic area

Community Violence


Temple Health


Temple University Hospital (TUH) treats the largest number of firearm-injured people in Pennsylvania. Trauma-informed care (TIC) is an approach that recognizes the widespread nature of trauma and seeks to mitigate its negative impacts, and is recommended as a key part of patient-centered comprehensive care for firearm-injured people. Through AHE’s funding, the Temple Health team will conduct focus groups and workshops to develop and pilot a TIC education program aimed at equipping healthcare team members with the skills needed to recognize and respond effectively to trauma’s manifestations and resist patient re-traumatization.

project leads

Jessica H. Beard, MD, MPH

Megan Healy, MD, MAUB

funding source

Accelerate Health Equity


The Temple Health team hosted their in-person day-long Human Centered Design Workshop on February 1 at Temple University Hospital (TUH) with approximately 40 participants (including both front-line staff and hospital leaders) to brainstorm solutions to improve the implementation of TIC education and envision how TUH can become a more trauma-informed institution. The workshop was facilitated by The Better Lab of UCSF.

(One-year grant in progress. Anticipated end date: Fall 2024)