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Housing Access




Housing Smart aims to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness by delivering stable housing and support services.


To qualify for Housing Smart, participants must be frequent utilizers of emergency rooms; have a chronic health condition, a serious mental illness, and/or a substance use disorder; and be experiencing homelessness. Participants are met where they are on their recovery journey and assisted in achieving (and maintaining) permanent supportive living.


Between April and October 2020, the Housing Smart program enrolled 25 high healthcare utilizers with instances of avoidable emergency department or inpatient admissions. As of June 1, 2021, there was a 75% decrease in emergency department visits, a 79% decrease in inpatient admissions, a 77% decrease in admissions for observation, and a 50% increase in outpatient appointments.



initiative leads

Steven R. Carson, MHA, BSN, RN (AHE-Affiliate), Temple University Health System

Nick Hutchinson, Housing Smart Team Lead